• Mumpitz

    Mumpitz is a lib for parsing and working with mumble state information.
    Developement Status Beta (Runs stable, but untested)
    The Project has moved to [[]]


    • Loading a JSON file from a URL
    • Representation of this data as a tree structure...
  • NoobLounge Convention

    The home of all conventions

    • Convention 2014

      So, another summer is passing by quickly and... well, another Nooblounge Convetion has to be organized.

      The place is set, we will meet at the Kolpinghaus Salzburg ([[]])
      Prices are 26€ for each Friday and Saturday night and 24€ for Sunday night, no breakfast....

    • Nooblounge Convention 2015 done right

      It's gone, it won't come back.

      It seems some people who are not going to make it signed the doodle list. So I would ask everyone who wants to participate to send me a short mail at , including your name and telling me that you will be taking part in the Nooblounge Convetion. The date is 31. of July to 02. of August....

  • NoobLounge Servers
    • Wenn Du Dir nicht sicher bist, erstelle hier ein Ticket
    • Redeclipse

      Red Eclipse is a single-player and multi-player first-person ego-shooter, built as a total conversion of Cube Engine 2, which lends itself toward a balanced gameplay, completely at the control of map makers, while maintaining a general theme of agility in a variety of environments. For more information, please see our Wiki or Forums....

    • Sauerbomber

      New Target: release the stuff even if eihrul doesn't accept it.

      Canceled: Add a bomberman like gamemode to sauerbraten

    • Editing reference auf deutsch

      Möchte mal versuchen die wichtigsten Edit befehle aus der editdoku zu übersetzen.

    • NoobLauncher

      Der NoobLauncher erweitert den Sauerbraten-Client um viele Funktionalitäten

    • tesseract

      Tesseract is a fork of the Cube 2: Sauerbraten engine. The goal of Tesseract
      is to make mapping more fun by using modern dynamic rendering techniques, so
      that you can get instant feedback on lighting changes, not just geometry.

      No more long calclight pauses... just plop down the light, move it, change its...

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