svn -> git -> bzr -> release

Added by Hanack about 7 years ago

Finally we are making further progress. We dropped the too complicated svn integration, and switched to bazaar. Bazaar is much easier to integrate into an python environment and it offers features svn don't have. The next step is to release the work we already have, before we go on implementing the next features (and there are many).

new race mode

Added by Hanack almost 8 years ago

SVN revision 412 introduces a new mode: the race mode. The first player which touches the carrot wins. Sauerbomber added support for friction, so car racing feeling is possible. The race mode still needs some work. A release of milestone 2 will follow till end of the year.

Milestone 1

Added by Hanack about 8 years ago

Milestone 1 is ready. It's a first version of a playable bomberman game. Released only as SVN tag. Milestone 2 will be provided as archives as well.


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