The NoobLounge Convention 2013

Nooblounge Convention 2013 Revived:
We are currently working to prevent the apocalypse and have a Nooblounge Convention in the year 2013 after all.

Last updated: 24th of July

Please send me a mail @ with the time and place of your arrival!
Also include you mobile number, so I can call you.
- Don't forget to bring a towel, swimsuit, suncream and everything else you would need on a holiday.
- If you have any games or movies we can watch if the weather is bad, bring them!

So, the date is now set to 09.08.-12.08.2013. We very probably will meet at Munich Main-station, where I will collect the lot of you (except those who choose to come with a car and drive directly to haus international instead).
Housing costs 27€ per night, Food very probably not more that 20€ each day, though that thoroughly depends on you.
We will be going to the Münchner Hofbräuhau, it is a must be there, just like the Flaucher, where we also can barbecue and which is close the the Isar. The Englischer Garten is also nice for picnicking and the Nordbad is quite close to our housing, allowing us to go swimming if the weather decides to be too hot for anything else (you can also do that in the Isar, but it's current can be quite strong and it water is ice cold even in summer).
Haus international also has a restaurant and a backyard where we can play table tennis and they lend other games, like card games, too.

Please do not forget to bring a towel, as you otherwise will have to 1. steal one. 2. buy one on a shop. 3. not use one at all.
Also bring everything else you need for a holiday, like swimming suits, toothpaste (no, I won't share, even if you ask me nicely ;), clothes, sunglasses (just for looking cool, I don't expect you to be blinded by bright sunlight) and so on...

if you are underage you need to bring this formula and everything it says you need to bring, as you will otherwise not be allowed into haus international!
(I couldn't find an English version, so if you are not German, ask our pro English speaker Hankus for help filling it out. (If you don't want to annoy him ;( then ask me)

Also note to check into the wiki from time to time as I might decide to update it :)

When? - sometime 2013 ofc!
the date it set to 09.08.-12.08.2013

Munich, Schwabing
we will stay in house international (
in two rooms, one four-bed room and one fife-bed room

How much money can I spend? - as much as you want, you probably won't have to spend more than 120€ for housing and food.
27€/night including breakfast
approximately 10€-15€/day for food

And who's coming? - maybe the Nooblounge Community?
Hankus (I am driving with my car and can fetch ppl on my way, no t-shirts this time)
angst (sorry, most probably I will not be able to participate due to a conflicting appointment which may be impossible to reschedule)
and elPresidente also will join us for a day or two.

We will also try to somehow squeeze in people who have not yet signed up. (As in finding a last minute hotel room or dumping them in a car overnight).
So don't be coy and send me a mail @ !

List of people who might come after all:

Not coming is not an option!

How do I join?!
write a me mail @
As soon as the date is set I will write you a mail and also inform you on this very wiki-page.

Until when do I have time to decide?
I would like to book the room(s) coming monday, June 24th.

*Though official signups are closed you can still try to join and find yourself a room in munich, I recommend the Pension am Kaiserplatz ([[]]), they are not too expensive and have a good reputation. If we should happen to get another group of four or fife late people I can try to get you a room close to ours, in house international.

What do I need to bring?
If you don't stay in a private room a towel.
Everything else you would usually bring when you go on a holiday. There also is a swimming pool close by, so don't forget suncream and a swimsuit.

We will be staying in one four-bed room and one fife-bed room. I suggest putting those who don't care about other people snoring and those who snore into one room.
House international also has a Restaurant, no idea how expensive it is ;)

There is a barbecuing-area in about 6km walking-distance.

Older Conventions

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