Planing is everything. Let's get started!

First of all, we need a list of people that we can trust and who can help us.
Then we can discuss general topis (Functionality, Layout, Integration of the system)

The featurelist can be found here.

So: WHO can help us?

We need:

  • people with database experience
  • programmers (PHP, HTML, Javascript, PERL?, PYTHON, MySQL and so on..)
  • graphic artists and people for the layout

Who wants to help us?

  • Hanni
    • database architecture
    • PHP programming
    • Layout design
  • Panda
    • Layout design
    • Database architecture
  • killme
    • PHP programming
    • social network structure
  • TheAssassin
    • database architecture
    • Layout design
    • some scripting languages (Python, Bash, HTML, some PHP, programming for Windows)
  • Istha
  • Punky