So, another summer is passing by quickly and... well, another Nooblounge Convetion has to be organized.

The place is set, we will meet at the Kolpinghaus Salzburg ([[]])
Prices are 26€ for each Friday and Saturday night and 24€ for Sunday night, no breakfast.
We will pay when we check in.

You will need following things:
- dishes and pots
- stuff for bathing (if you want to), towel, suncream...
- LAN-cable
- maybe some extra money so you won't have to starve ;)
- anything else that you can think of, seems appropriate and is legal (a towel for example)

Time would be first weekend in August (1.-3./4.).

Noobs who are participating:
- elPresidente (arrives Saturday, stays until Sunday) with car
- Flo (until Monday) with car
- Hanni (until Monday)
- Jonas (until Sunday)
- Perseus (until Monday)
- nothing (until Monday) with car
- sanitizer (until Monday
- Sebi (until Sunday)
- ShadowDragon (until Monday)
- superTUX (until Monday)

The Car Chart:

elPresidente Flo ?
stays until Sunday Monday Sunday
comes from Regensburg ... ...
passengers none ? Sebi, Jonas
passengers back none Hanni, ShadowDragon, SuperTUX Sebi, Jonas
spots left 1 1 1
spots left back 1 0 2

For other locations, signups or other stuff concerning the convention please contact me, Perseus, at .


Manager: Perseus

Developer / Entwickler: Perseus

Reporter: Perseus