What the hell is NoobLauncher?

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Users NoobLauncher extends your Sauerbraten client with a lot of functionality. There are tons of plugins like a musicplayer, hifriends, a movierecorder, in game changable hudguns, new sound sets, auto-good-game and auto-sorry, create screenshots with many options and effects as well as storing passwords for your favorite servers. Der NoobLauncher erweitert deinen Sauerbraten-Client um viele Funktionalit├Ąten: Musicplayer, HiFriends, MovieRecorder, einfaches Verbinden und AutoLogin mit coolen Servern, Screenshots erstellen, AutoSpec uvm.
Developer NoobLauncher a framework written in CubeScript. It provides a high level api for developing plugins. Also you can make your options persistent. Der NoobLauncher ist ein in CubeScript geschriebenes Framework. Er bietet als erste CubeScript Implementierung eine High-Level API f├╝r CubeScripter. So kann man einfach Plugins programmieren, Events steuern, Tastenbelegungen kontrollieren und Einstellungen persistent speichern.

Why NoobLauncher?

  • small core, modular design, plugins are loaded only if user activates them
  • comfortable gui
  • much functionalities provided by optional plugins

information plugins

  • shows some statistics like frags, deaths, teamkills on the right bottom corner (hudstats)
  • reminds you if you've played too much (remindme)

connect & login plugins

  • connect and login to your favorite servers using saved per-server passwords (login)
  • use a second personality (secondpersonality)
  • disconnects you and leaves a message (ragequit)

weapon plugins

  • stepless zoom using you mouse wheel (plus stepless mouse sensitity)
  • press a key (default: Q) for quickly use the chainsaw (chainsawmassacre)
  • press a key (default: F) for quickly use the grenade launcher (grenadetac)

social plugins

  • say automatically gg
  • say automatically sorry on teamkills
  • say automatically bb on disconnect
  • say hi to your friends

gameplay plugins

  • lets play a game without deciding for a map (letsplay)
  • connect to the maplounge and play new maps (maplounge)

management plugins

  • edit your keys (keyeditor)
  • edit your options (optionseditor)
  • edit your profiles (profileeditor)
  • use alternative master servers (gamemodmasterserver, sauerbombermasterserver)
  • browse and edit files in sauer (fileeditor)
  • tweek some important settings (tweek)

music and sound plugins

  • a comportable musicplayer (musicplayer)
  • use a custom soundset (acapella sounds, svn sounds)
  • sound alert when friends enters the server (hifriends)

recording plugins

  • make better movies (movie recorder)
  • make better screenshots (screenshooter)
  • demo recorder (demorecorder)

better gui handling plugins

  • replace the main menu (altmainmenu)
  • replace the multiplayer menu (altmultiplayermenu)
  • toggle fullscreen using key (default: F10) (fullscreen)

nooblounge specific

  • suggests maps for the maprotation / mapbattle
  • control spectators and move them into the other team
  • warn, mute, follow and kick players

additional content

  • creative commons music
  • use alternative hudguns (classic, solaris, ctf hudguns)

Developing Plugins For NoobLauncher

Development Guidelines


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