01:25 AM NoobMOD Bug / Fehler #732 (New / Neu): Bug in map battles - Let's call it "exploit"
I found a neat bug in the voting module, which allowed me to manipulate the map battles. This affects ONLY the map ba...


11:33 PM NoobMOD Feature #728 (New / Neu): Execute #afk function/subroutine for people that get spec'ed by the server
If a player gets spec'ed, they should trigger the #afk module's function/subroutine. I mean, something like " ... is...
10:55 PM NoobMOD Bug / Fehler #727 (Done / Erledigt): AFK module does not spec automatically
When I enter "#afk" (see ticket 535, I'm not being spec'ed. This is weird, be...


01:05 AM NoobMOD Bug / Fehler #723 (In Progress / In Bearbeitung): When admin/player connects to limbo, [ PROTECT ...
I've seen some weird connect messages like "[ PROTECT ] .* connected from .*". After the message for Mr.Benz appeared...


10:58 PM NoobMOD Bug / Fehler #676: If commands are failing, they are visible to everyone
Shaun entered "#moves list delete" (I bet it was at least similar to that), I could see the whole command.
Earlier t...
06:46 PM NoobMOD Bug / Fehler #676 (Done / Erledigt): If commands are failing, they are visible to everyone
The #-commands that the server can't handle seem to be sent to all other players.
That means, only commands that f...


08:16 PM Website Mumble IRC Bug / Fehler #655 (Won't Fix / Abgewiesen): Authors on the website should be able to upload images
Because an SVG image could no longer be shown due to a downtime of a webserver, a post has been removed. That is no p...


08:38 PM New Homepage Feature #642: Using ORM for database connection
killme suggested the usage of doctrine (, because he tried it out and likes this one.
08:36 PM New Homepage Feature #642 (New / Neu): Using ORM for database connection
We could use a object-relational mapping (ORM) to eliminate most of the database-related errors.
This will save us f...


05:50 PM New Homepage Revision 5: Revert to rev. 3

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